Tuesday, 1 September 2015

News from the Field

We send out into the Digital Realm two of our most experienced Black Sheep-s field agents (Brentley and Kally). Their mission-  to find out what is happening in the world of Social Media this week. May the force be with ewe.

* Facebook sets new 1 billion logged in user record.

Brentley: "I was still a little lamb in 2004 when Facebook was just an exclusive small group for Harvard students. 11 Years Later and I was very surprised when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg let me personally know that last Monday 1 in 7 people on earth logged into Facebook on that day."
Kally: "I can't even comprehend that number. Jikes 1 Billion in one day. And to think it's been 11 years that we've been following each other on Facebook. Now, I feel old Brentley. Please just don't call me a brood ewe."
Brentley: "I personally love the video Facebook made to celebrate this achievement, you can watch it here".

* LinkedIn introduces gif and emoji to its messaging:

Kally: "LinkedIn has always been considered as the serious social media channel as you are most likely to communicate with your future employees. I've always found it was a bit stiff and can't wait to apply for the below job offer using gifts and emojis (PS: you should see Brentley's face as I'm typing this, I'm calling his expression shear frustration). 

Instagram gets rid of the 'white space' around photos:

Brentley: “I’ve always had to use a third-party app like InstaSize to get my portrait and landscape images to fit into Instagram.”
Kally: “Only problem with that is that the square cropping will give you irritating white space around your image.”
Brentley: “Precisely, Luckily this requirement is no more as Instagram for both Android and IOS allows users to select a format button and then post their rectangular photos.”
Kally: “As a fashionista I’ll now be able to post photo’s that include my shoes ;)"
Brentley: "You should then go check out Victoria's Secret Instagram account, they have already embraced this new change."

* Twitter goes Creative with the help of Taylor Swift:

Kally: "I recently spotted T-swift talking to some white sheep. They later relayed the 
whole conversation to me."

Brentley: "I'm all ears."
Kally: "Taylor told them that GIF-making on Twitter is getting a lot easier. At the MTV Video Music Awards Taylor got to play around with the new camera tools, including GIFs, stickers and doodling."

* SnapChat helps brands reach younger audiences:

Brentley: “I know Snapchat is not yet big in SA but brands like Coca-Cola are certainly embracing the new Back to School channel that is being offered for targeting.”
Kally: “My gripe with Snapchat was that you could never target a specific audience and they are rather expensive.”
Brentley: “Snapchat used to be similar to TV in that you can’t target a specific audience but the Back to School Channel is perfect if you want to target 13-24 year old audience with your advertising.”